Uplifting Lives. Uplifting Communities.

Uplifting Health & Fitness is the first on-line health and fitness program that links charitable fundraising with the achievement of individual health and fitness goals.
Every time you reach your 90-day fitness goals we’ll donate up to 10% of your monthly subscription to the charity of your choice! When you win, your community wins!


UPlifting Starts with a Program, a Plan, and a Pledge.

The Program

Uplifting Health & Fitness is a first-of-its-kind health on-line program dedicated to improving physical fitness, nutrition, as well as mental and spiritual well-being while improving the community around you. With the support of dedicated nutritional, fitness, and medical professionals, we’re bridging the gap between health and fitness while partnering with local charities who make a difference in your community.

The Plan

Your fitness goals are unique. Your plan to achieve those goals should be too. Each 90-Day program is a holistic, tailored approach to your health and wellness, offering access to nutritional, medical, and mental health experts. Tune into Food Day Tuesdays to get the latest nutritional tips, or Mindset Mondays to help stay focused on your goals. It’s all designed to provide a proven path to your success!

The Pledge

Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished without a commitment. By engaging in the Uplifting Health & Fitness 90-Day Program, you’re pledging to make a positive change in not only your health and fitness, but your community. Additionally, you can ask friends and family to pledge every time you reach a milestone, increasing fundraising dollars for your chosen non-profit.

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