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I am the co-founder of Uplifting Health and Fitness and live in Dallas, Texas. I found my passion for Health and Fitness at an early age growing up in Tallahassee, Florida. I personally grew up struggling to control my weight and eventually getting up over 250lbs and 30% body fat. During senior year of high school I was fed up and decided to make a change. I started to learn more about exercise, science, and nutrition and applied it to myself while exercising and eating better. After 18 months of blood, sweat, and tears I was able to get down to 180lbs.

After Graduating from Florida State University, I began pursuing a career in Health and Fitness as a Personal Training Manager to help people lose weight and achieve their goals. Over the years I have been blessed to help hundreds of people lose weight and get healthier. While there are many great things about the current health and fitness industry, there are also many shortcomings. Over the years, I have had a unique perspective of the poor quality, expensive services, and inefficient business models of mainstream health and fitness companies at the expense of their clients. These shortcomings have dragged the industry down and discouraged people from reaching their full potential.

That is what inspired me to create Uplifting Health and Fitness; we take all the great parts about the health and fitness industry and make them even better. Everything we do here is uplifting, from the way we approach our programs to the way we motivate our clients, while being able to uplift our communities through charitable donations. I truly believe that we have found the perfect mix of educating, motivating, and inspiring our clients to not only change themselves but to help change the world.

Brett Sandwick

M.S. Sport Psychology

Brett went to undergraduate school at Washington State University and received his Master’s in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. While attending Florida State University, he trained a number of student-athletes in mental skills training. The mind influences a large part of performance and Brett helps individuals to use their mentality to their advantage.
Brett’s company Elite Mentality, continues to work with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, along with business professionals, service members, and fitness clients on the mental aspect of performance.

In addition to being a mental conditioning trainer, Brett is also a Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Expert with the United States Army. He provides mental skills training to soldiers and their families to improve performance and increase resilience. Regardless of what occurs, having techniques to effectively deal with a situation and perform at a high level is imperative.

Tyler Rolling

Certified Registered Dietitian

As a Florida native, Tyler received her degree in Dietetics from Florida State University. After graduating from FSU, Tyler then made her way out to California where she completed her dietetic internship at Patton State Hospital. She now lives in San Diego, completing her Master’s degree in Nutrition Science at San Diego State University. With a background as a competitive synchronized swimmer, Tyler continues to perform with the Aquallillies — a water-ballet entertainment company based in Los Angeles. With the Aqualillies, she provides food and nutrition tips to performers within the entertainment industry.

“I realize how busy life can be. It’s important that we perform our best and proper nutrition plays a big role in today’s demanding lifestyle. Nutrition also isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ matter. That’s why I strive to think creatively and outside of the box with each client in order to meet their nutrition needs.”

Exercise + Nutrition + Mindset



A personalized 90 Day workout program based off your goals and starting point. Challenging and evolving exercise programs for optimal results.
Weekly Education content about Exercise will be available for you to get the most out of your program. Monthly and weekly fitness progressions to change it up and Uplift yourself to avoid plateaus.


We will teach you how to take control of your Nutrition.
Personalized calorie and macro nutrient programs.
Weekly Nutritional content to increase your knowledge so that you can make it a lifestyle.
Practical sustainable diet solutions for everybody.


We help you gain the mental advantage needed to take back control of your health + fitness.
By using proven techniques of goal setting and motivation, we train the brain to keep you focused on your goal and succeed!
Change your mind, change your body to remain consistent with your new active healthy lifestyle!

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