There’s an old saying: You can’t “out-work” a bad diet. Nutrition is just as critical a factor in achieving overall weight-loss and fitness success as getting in a good workout at the gym. In fact, the number one cause for most people’s lack of success on other fitness programs is that they don’t conquer the obstacle of developing long-term, achievable eating habits.

Every Uplifting Health and Fitness membership focuses on teaching you to identify nutritional pitfalls that can derail your progress, while offering strategies for healthy living, now and forever!

Description of Services

All programs come with a personalized nutritional plan based off your goals and daily dietary needs. Over time our team of health professionals will monitor your program and make the necessary changes to ensure your success.

Uplifting’s nutritional program is based on science and real world practical application. Nutrition is not a “one size fits all” matter. That’s why our goal is to get rid of the diet mentality and to focus on nutrition as a lifestyle. We deliver a simple and effective way to manage your nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle by giving you the freedom to choose the foods you like and show you how to eat them.

We have found in the past that our clients get frustrated when they waste their time and energy on things that are not important. We designed our program to be simple and successful by using the right principles and focusing on what will make the biggest impact. The most important nutrition principles are balance, moderation, and sustainability.

As an Uplifting Member You Receive:
  • A customized nutritional plan and guidance on how to maximize its benefits.
  • Weekly nutritional training and blog posts to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.
  • Guidance for understanding how to read food labels.
  • Access to recipes that are healthy and taste good!
  • Access to the Uplifting Health Connection Dashboard, allowing you to track weight loss and fitness goals and connect with other Uplifting Members, including sharing healthy recipe and snack idea.
  • Personalized nutritional plan
  • Food and grocery lists
  • Guided help along the way
  • Teaches you how to eat healthy as a lifestyle, not a “diet”


Our featured Pro Health package includes a one-on-one 60-minute online nutritional consultation with our registered dietitian, Tyler Rolling, every month in addition to your fitness and mindset program.

  • One time 60-minute video session
  • Full nutritional assessment
  • Personalized nutritional plan based on individual goals
  • Identifies areas of improvement and provides personalized plan
  • Discusses client preferences and analyzes current nutrient intake and estimated energy needs
  • Customized monthly meal plan


$89 – Individual 60-minute on-line nutritional consultation

  • Can accommodate Specific needs
  • Diabetes
  • Gluten free
  • GI disorders
  • Vegetarian and/or Vegan

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